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Parents and Families

We provide help for parents who wonder how to maximise the use of technology in their home, we can help you to create a safe environment for you and your family, along with a synchronised efficient setup.

Parental Controls:

Its easy to lose control of what your child or children are using technology for. We will help you set up your parental controls on all your child’s devices

Sync your devices

We will help you organise your home technology Home network to share information across all devices in your own home


we will also tutor you I the programs and devices that will help you in your every day life and more, such as managing your files, creating photobooks, movies, streaming podcasts and managing catch up TV.

We don't just leave you there. Our in-home and remote technical support assists you when you have any questions or queries along the way. This may be anything from a quick question on email through to removing a virus on your computer.

how we help you

Face to Face, One on One

Our personalised in-home lessons will provide you with the knowledge and skills to be digitally/tech savvy in no time

Personalised to you

We recognise we all have different interests and needs. Chat to us about your needs and what you would like to achieve

We come to you

We arrange a time that suits you, our trainers will use your technology, in the comfort of your own home or office

Step by step instructions

We recognise that everybody learns at a different pace. We will provide printed lesson plans so you can go back through the notes if you need to refresh

No jargon

Our trainers will provide explanations in plain English, easy to understand

It’s all about connecting with you

What makes us stand out? It’s all about you, our trainers will get to know you personalising the service. They are great teachers who love to share what they know. Our trainers will take the time to understand your interests, and tailor the content to suit you

what can we help you with

Music and entreteinment

Ordering Food

Social media

Web browsing

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